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Big Mountain Digital was named in honor of my grandfather, Kenny Hall, who was a small business pioneer in the Flathead Valley. Not only was Kenny the owner of many successful businesses, but he also headed up the construction team back in 1947 that designed and built Big Mountain Ski Resort, now known as Whitefish Ski Resort. When Big Mountain opened in 1947, it was a public company of community shareholders, one of which was my Grandfather Kenny. We are proud to carry on the tradition of Montana business in honor and memory of Kenny Hall and all the other small business pioneers of his time.

Hall's Sport Shop
Kenny Hall
Downtown Whitefish
Big Mountain Skiers
Big Mountain Groomer
Big Mountain Pre Construction


Matt Hall is 3rd generation local Montana business owner who was born and raised in Flathead County, Montana. The entrepreneurial spirit has been strong in the Hall family for many generations. The drive to start, own and operate successful businesses in Montana that provide local jobs and local services continues to inspire the Hall family to this day. Matt is an avid outdoorsmen and loves to spend his spare time hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, and camping. Matt is married to Bethany Hall and they have five children.

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Matt Hall

Founder & Chief Communications Officer

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I'm Matt Hall, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in marketing, communications, and digital strategy. With a dual BA degree in psychology and social sciences and a Master's in Strategic Communications, I bring a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to every project. Throughout my career, I've served as Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Account Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Director of Web and Digital Strategy, and Director of Communications, delivering impactful solutions to drive business growth and enhance market positioning.

My skill set spans digital marketing, advertising, content writing, graphic design, website management (WordPress, Wix), social media strategy, internal and external communications, budget forecasting, contract management, project management, and sales. Known for my teachable nature, strong work ethic, and quick adaptability, I thrive in leadership roles, fostering positivity, inspiration, and accountability within teams.

Outside of work, I cherish time with my family - my wife of over two decades and our five children. An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy exploring new places, savoring good coffee, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Let's connect and explore opportunities to collaborate and innovate together!

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